induction annealing treatment

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  •    Stainless Steel / Aluminum Utensils
  •    All Cold Formed Steel Components.
  •    Stress Relieving.
  •    Post weld Annealing.
  •    Annealing of Copper tubes.
  •    Annealing of knife, blade ends.
  •    Shell Annealing.
  •    Annealing of wires.
  •    Continuous Annealing of copper wires.
  •    Annealing of brazing wires & Rods.
  •    Annealing of Milk Cans, Oxygen cylinder for neck formation.

induction annealing treatment_1

induction annealing treatment

induction annealing treatment_2
induction annealing treatment

induction annealing treatment_3
induction annealing treatment

Annealing is a heat treatment in which material is exposed to an elevated temperature and slowly cooled. 
Annealing of the material changes physical properties of the material such as strength and hardness.
UIHM induction annealing machines are designed to be used for Normalising, Stress relieving and Process Annealing.


  1.    Uniform annealing with better quality end product
  2.    Lesser Annealing cost comparing to conventional methods
  3.    Faster Annealing cycle
  4.    Higher productivity
  5.    Highest system efficiency
  6.    Highly adaptable for automation
  7.    Eco-friendly due to noiseless and flameless operation
  8.    No statutory approvals required
  9.    Lesser risk involved compared to conventional methods
  10.    Application Specific
  11.    Auto or manual mode operation
  12.    Improved power factor
  13.    Tropicalised design
  14.    Compact size

PDF: induction annealing treatment


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